Discover all of the results from the latest races directly in the app! Check the individual events to check out the winners and the runners statistics from that race!

Push Notifications

Select any race you wish, along with your chosen bet and the Horse Tracker app will keep you up to date with all of your chosen races using push notifications!



Optional Facebook Login

Sign in with your Facebook account for instant access to the app without the hassle of remembering another password. Or, if you prefer create your own account with the app - it's up to you!


Manage your individual bets from the app - add, remove or stay up-to-date from the review bets section of the app without having to check anywhere else!


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User Friendly

The app has been designed with you in mind. The app has been made as friendly as possible, to allow you to track your horse bets as easily as possible.

Popular Races

Horse Tracker features all of the popular race fixtures from around the country - simply select the event and add your bet.

Bookmaker Offers

Keep informed about the best offers from the industries leading bookmakers so you never miss a trick.

Available on iOS & Android

Horse Tracker is available on both iOS and Android, get the app now!